Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Blogs I like.

This is a blog about Entertainment, a film called "Kick-Ass 2".

Slender Man to inform.

This is a blog informing people about a life-form called Slender Man who is believed to have a very slender, tall figure, abnormally long arms and the ability to make humans disappear off the face of the Earth when he sees them.

Twix advertisment blog.

This blog has been made to advertise a chocolate snack called 'Twix Mix'.

Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Girls with tattoos.

I picked these pictures because I particularly enjoy pictures of females with tattoos, not just because I think it's attractive but because depending on the tattoos, it makes for great photography.

Macro photography (close-up photographs)

First I want to say these photos, or most of them, really aren't up to standard and I should have more.

These photos are Macros (Photos taken from close-up) we took photos of a piston (part of a car engine) from up close. 

I took these photos in Macro mode: Turning off the flash and going up close.

I couldn't upload the photos via. USB from the camera so I had to use an SD Card to upload them.